Our mission is to provide a serene float setting where anyone can achieve mental and physical well-being, explore consciousness and inspire creativity in and out of the float tank.



We believe that the practice of floating can have profoundly beneficial effects on all who are willing to get into the tank.

All of us at Sage look forward to hearing about the positive impacts this unique form of self-care has on the Santa Cruz community that we love so much. With great gratitude and enthusiasm, thank you for checking out Sage Float Spa.

We’ll see you soon!

- Elana & Sage Staff

About Elana...

Elana was born in Santa Cruz and has lived locally for most of her life.  She holds a PhD in cultural geography from University of California Merced. Elana’s research focuses on spatial orientation and sociocultural production among displaced peoples. In addition to working as a teaching fellow and spending two years as the research assistant to the Chancellor of UC Merced, she has over 15 years of small business experience.  Elana feels most at home while traveling; she is drawn to the mountains with some of her favorite locations including majestic Mount Shasta, Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. Elana enjoys cooking, camping and road tripping with her two dogs, working in her garden and CrossFit. 


Why Sage?

As a word, sage comes forth with many meanings and interpretations. In addition to being recognized as a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant, sage has been used for centuries by philosophers and spiritualists to denote those who have reached the highest states of spiritual and philosophical knowledge.

With this is mind, we chose Sage as a representation of the instinctive alliance between nature and knowledge. This alignment reminds us to connect to the natural side of ourselves and tap into our own inherent wisdom. We have the power to restore and regenerate ourselves and exist in a state where we are truly able to heal, inspire and explore.