We have three state-of-the-art float pods. Each pod hols approximately 185 gallons of  water that is mixed with over 900 pounds of Epsom Salts. This dense solution ensures that anyone can float effortlessly. Below you will find a list of our pods' most useful features, many of which are fully customizable, allowing you to have the ultimate floating experience that will perfectly meet your needs. 



Each tank is equipped with a light button, allowing you to illuminate the interior to any color you like at your convenience. You can float with the light on, but even the most timid floaters eventually work up the courage to turn it off after becoming comfortable being in the pod.


The pods have underwater speakers that can play soothing music or guided meditations and we even allow you to play your own audio from any device. [Note: the typical session starts with 5 minutes of music, fades into silence, then returns when the session is over.]

Lid open option

We want everyone to experience floating and we know many people have fears related to claustrophobia, so we have tanks that allow you to float with the lid open.


Our pods feature powerful pumps that filter the water between each float with the very latest in technology including filters that are fully effective to one micron, which is 100 times smaller than a human hair.


Our float tanks are 8 feet long and 5 feet wide, allowing even the tallest of floaters to spread out without touching the side.


You will get your own spacious float room to shower, change, stretch, and float in total privacy and comfort.

Air Flow

Our pods allow air to flow in and out of the pod, making for a fresh and pleasant environment.

Float Pillows

If you feel like your head and neck need some support during your float, worry not. We have a comfortable float pillow in each pod. We don't use the pillows anymore, but if you feel you need neck support, it’s right there for you.