Longer time in the pod allows for greater relaxation and more time in the Theta state. If you would like to return to 60 minute prices click HERE. 

90 Minute First-Time Float Specials

New first-time customers can enjoy the benefits of discounted float packages. 


Returning Non-Members (90 minutes)

Visiting the Santa Cruz area? Don't want to commit? We've got you covered with great prices and options. 

90 Minute Float Memberships 

The benefits of float therapy are cumulative. Regular sessions in the tank ensure that you are receiving all the wonderful benefits floating has to offer. Better sleep, higher consciousness, and improved mental and physical well-being are just a few floats away. 


Membership Benefits 

  • Four month minimum then cancel anytime with 30 days notice
  • Shareable: All Memberships may be shared with immediate family and a partner/spouse.
  • Members may also bring friends to float, or buy them gifts for just $62! Floats roll-over for the duration of Membership—and remain redeemable for up to 6 months past cancellation.

Why become a Member? 

  • The benefits of float therapy are cumulative and are best experienced over time.
  • Floaters experiencing chronic pain or who are recovering from an injury are encouraged to begin floating with a series of consecutive sessions and transition into a monthly membership to maintain relief. Studies have shown that pain levels decrease and relief builds with each float.